Deal Sled

Gucci 1953  –  $690 – “Original Deal Sled”

Arbitrage Andy Deal Sled Review 1. A review of the 2019 Sled market would be incomplete without the King of Deal Sleds, the Gucci 1953.  Throughout the annals of finance no other loafer has laid pipe this hard.  The original deal sled is as versatile as it is elegant.  Not to mention, you can literally hear the jingle of the horsebit as you walk.  Financiers everywhere rock these “veiny” style in the summer sans socks.  They wear them with ridiculous chunky rubber soles for the winter and with gator skin on the golf course.  It is a well known fact that once 1953s are broken in, your feet will feel like truffle butter. One of only weaknesses of the 1953 is how thin the middle of the sole is towards the front.  That’s why true hardos will keep their 53’s at the office and wear some LAX Rat Air Maxs during the morning commute.  Anyways, respect the 1953’s, at $690 a pair you’ll be investing in some high quality sleds that will last if you treat them with some degree of care.  Wouldn’t recommend wearing these as an intern or first year analyst but what do I know. GET THEM here or here.

“If a man does not have sauce, then he is lost. But the same man can get lost in the sauce.” Gucci Mane

UTILITY:   8.5/10

DRIP:   9.7/10

PRICE:   5/5




Allen Edmond Verona–  $345 – “America’s Sled”  

Arbitrage Andy Deal Sled Review 2. When we are talking sleds there are several different factors to keep in mind.  Drip, style, price, comfort, etc. I have been an Allen Edmond fan since I purchased some classic oxfords from them for my first interview in 2013.  Little known fact but Allen Edmonds gained popularity after World War II when millions of working men returned home to forge decades of US success. Allen Edmonds are hardy shoes that hold up very well if you take care of them but you can refurbish them quickly and cheaply as well, making them the ideal workhorse shoe in your arsenal.  The Verona is a cost effective replacement for the Gucci 1953 and it looks nearly identical.  However the Verona does have its own personality.  The end of the toe curves a bit on larger sizes (kind of like Jafar’s Sultan Slippers).  I own three pairs of these and can say that once you break them in you will have a solid hybrid sled for most occasions. But Alas, be mindful.  These sleds are especially prone to duck butter build up from excessive veiny wear.  Raw dog those weekend benders in the Hamptons at your own risk. AVAILABLE here.

"The money turned me into a monster/The money turned my noodles into pasta/The money turned my tuna into lobster/They want to do me, I maneuver like a mobster” – Meek Mill

UTILITY:   8.9/10

DRIP:   7.5/10

PRICE:   3/5



Ferragamo Grandioso–  $595 – “Darth Vaders”  

Arbitrage Andy Deal Review Sled 3. When I first moved to New York I knew a little bit about Ferragamo, Ferry’s, Gamos, or Gam-skis. What became alarmingly apparent over the next two years is that Ferragamo Sleds are different.  Ferragamos are slick and gorgeous sleds.  I gave the Grandioso the nickname “ Vaders” because of the similar sheen of Darth Vaders Armor and the sheen of the Ferragamo horsebit (fashioned into the logo).  Seriously.  The resemblance is uncanny to Vader.  Anyway, this sled is a bit on the ornate side but the leathers so soft.  Worn generally by alpha size kings with jeans on the weekend or with a suit in the office.  In my opinion these are not everyday sleds.  Unlike other brands with the traditional horse-bit and design, Ferragamo tends to tip the scale on the drip meter.  Almost like “I am wearing these purely to stunt and show you I have robust disposable income”.  To each their own. Seems like this style is highly popular amongst Managing Directors that display Dark Triad Personality types or who just went through a divorce.  For the love of all that is pure, if you have a penis, do not wear a Ferragamo belt.  Ever. The Grandioso is AVAILABLE here.

“First thang to cross my mind, that paper everyday I wake up homie

Ferragamo sweats with the matching lace ups homie

I'm a dope boy I ain't never have a check pay stub homie” – Young Dolph

UTILITY:   7.7/10

DRIP:   9.9/10

PRICE:   4/5

Cole Haan Bit Loafer

Cole Haan

Cole Haan Ascot Loafer–  $170 – “ The JV Sled”  

Arbitrage Andy Deal Sled Review 4. A Deal Sled review would be incomplete without mention of the market’s more affordable options for young sled lords.  Cole Haan is in my opinion, a solid little brother to Allen Edmond.  I only owned one pair of these given it was very difficult to find consistent size 14 offerings #unit. However the pair I owned lasted an extremely long time.  I am talking 2.5 years.  For the price these really cannot be beaten unless you find an arbitrage hole at the Nordstrom Rack on some Brioni or Ferragamo.  These loafers look clean, wear well, and are classic in style.  One disclaimer for aspiring hardos out there.  Part of the allure and mystique surrounding Deal Sleds is the fact that they ARE NOT cheap.  While these shoes are certainly a steal in the value department I am not sure if I would rock these to a big dinner or when I feel like peacocking on the floor.  These are workhorse home to gym to office sleds.  Respect and know your sled.  That’s truly the key to utilizing each sleds species’ strengths and utilizing that power.  Nothing but good things to say about the value here.


“Cole Haan, uh, uh, I hop out rockin' Margielas (Margielas)
Dirty ass Fanta, it's $400 if I sell it (sell it)” - Valee

UTILITY:   7.0/10

DRIP:   6.5/10

PRICE:   2/5



Ferragamo Gancini –  $695 – “ Dark Souls”

Arbitrage Andy Deal Sled Review 5. When I went to the Ferragamo store this summer to acquire some fresh pairs of Gamskis I tried these on first.  The Gancini Moccasin, as it is officially referred to, is a solid combination of hammered leather with a sturdy but comfortable fit.  The Gancini is a stallion of a Deal Sled and should be worn only be seasoned deal closers.  These go very well with khakis or chinos for a casual look.  The Gancinis are so filthy that they anchor the entire outfit with effortless class.  I remember seeing a guy on a yacht last summer in Miami.  He was absolutely living it up, women on board, booze flowing, his dog running around, and you could see this guy was a big dick just absolutely living.  He was rocking these beaten to hell.  Moral of the story is, these will look out of place on you if you haven’t earned them.  Much like a fresh soldier falls into his rightful place as veteran, these drip dragons can really add to your aura but there is no free lunch.  In short, the Gancini is a Deal Sled work of art and an abundantly clear frontrunner in the Deal Sled of the year race.  Solid sled, you won’t regret buying.  AVAILABLE HERE.  

“When you know the bear looking like a Ferragamo loot/Jizzle in the pocket and the flow is unbelievable/They tryna be who you was and that shit is unachievable” – Young Jeezy

UTILITY:   8.4/10

DRIP:   9.5/10

PRICE:   5/5


Gucci Grp. Nv

Gucci Jordaan Loafer–  $730 – “ Prince of Persia Sleds”  

Arbitrage Andy Deal Sled Review 6. The Gucci 1953 is one of the most revered sleds known to man, however its own brethren sled the Jordaan certainly gives it a run for the money.  Now look I am a simple guy, I love chicks who wear Jordaans.  It’s hot.  The shoe works for women and that’s who I think should primarily rock these monarchy slippers. No doubt.  However some guys can pull off this McLaren swift sled if they can learn how to handle it’s slick curves and regal drip.  This is the sled Joffrey would wear in Game of Thrones if he could.  If you stroll park avenue at around 7:37 am on a Monday you may catch a Blackstone VP cruising 52nd rocking these with a crisp suit.  As a general rule of thumb I would recommend slimmer men rock these.  Cornerback build guys.  If you are a large unit I would urge you to try these on before a purchase.  All in all this sled can be a deadly weapon if you cruise from the office into a happy hour or a bar in West Village.  Looking unassuming and tired, but definitely laying fuego pipe.  A King Cobra slithering through the savannah.  A slick financier ready to do God’s work. AVAILABLE HERE.

“This trap rap that influencing the world man Gucci pioneered it/
I just vacuum sealed a couple mill, I know real homies feel that” – Gucci Mane

UTILITY:   7.8/10

DRIP:   9.6/10

PRICE:   5/5

Ferragamo Bleecker


Ferragamo Bleecker Loafer –  $695 – “ Frankenstein Sleds”  

Arbitrage Andy Deal Sled 7. Every now and then you see a guy wearing some shoes and you’re like what the absolute fuck.  These are those shoes.  I wont even grace these with the term “sleds.  Now look this needs to be an unbiased review but I will admit I have only tried these on once. I did it for the laughs.  The shoe is comfortable no doubt but you definitely feel like a short man compensating for 2-3 inches.  That’s the honest truth.  Rarely have I seen anyone in Manhattan rocking these besides the occasional short guy or ultimate hardo. Now there does seem to be one redeeming quality about the shoes.  Between the months of December and March where we experience severe thaws in the streets, this shoe shines through with it’s durability, curb stomper rubber soles, and thick leather.  A snow plow wildebeest if you need it to be. Then and only then, this gamo shoe will shine. Kill it with fire.  Remind me of the shoes Steve Madden was making around the time it IPO-ed. Wouldn’t pay $100 for these. AVAILABLE HERE.

“India will be tomorrow what China is today” – Salvatore Ferragamo

UTILITY:   10/10

DRIP:   5.1/10

PRICE:   5/5


Sandro Moscoloni

Sandro Moscoloni Esteban Loafer–  $49.90 – “Sleeper Sled”  

Arbitrage Andy Deal Sled 8. You might think that’s a typo up there.  Fifty Dollars Andy? What is wrong with you cuck? Here at Andy & Company we are committed to sourcing value for our clients and followers.  This is my sleeper pick sled. I shit you not. Before you write me off listen to me.  While writing this review I finally found the name of them.  I purchased these at the Nordstrom Rack before a party in 2016.  Several months ago I wore them to Europe and dove into a sea with them on.  They are still intact. I have worn them every week over the past three years. Fucking rock solid.  Three years later and I just now have worn through the sole.  I don’t know if some Italian homie is cranking them out of a shack or something but this is ridiculous value and he has my business.  Super hardy sleds you can rock anywhere, even the office if you keep them nice and clean.  The craftsmanship on the heel is super strong. Not much else for me to say, you can get them on amazon.  Try them and tell me I am wrong.  One of the best buys I have ever made.  Sandro dog wherever you are if you want to really elevate and become the size lord you are meant to be raise your offer. AVAILABLE HERE.

“Price is what you pay. Value is what you get” Warren Buffet

UTILITY:   9.8/10

DRIP:   7.2/10

PRICE:   1/5

Jay Butler Loafer

Jay Butler

Jay Butler Millbank Bit Loafer –  $195 – “ Everyday Sled”

Arbitrage Andy Deal Sled 9. With the advent of the finmeme market we saw several brands move to spread influence quickly.  Jay Butler was one of those first movers.  I currently have 5 pairs of Jay Butlers.  Out of all of the sleds on this list these may take the cake for best all purpose sled.  The Millbank loafer differs a bit from your traditional deal sled in that the tongue is a bit shorter and the bit is a bit thicker.  This promotes veiny boy usage during the summer months.  I wore my Jay Butler’s constantly this past summer at The Chicken Box in Nantucket, at Surf Lodge in Montauk, and on my couch watching Shark Tank.  In all honesty I have been working with Jay Butler since the advent of Arbitrage Andy and the company is growing quickly.  Impressive infrastructure.  As someone who is particularly rough on my shoes I can’t recommend a better option on the list for everyday use.  I will say these may not be appropriate for formal business settings but are great for outdoor use, commuting, bar hopping, and all other fast casual activities for a third of the price of Gucci. AVAILABLE HERE.

“I sold everything I'ma hustler, I know how to grindStep on grapes put in water and sell it as wine” – 50 Cent


UTILITY:   9.0/10

DRIP:   8.5/10

PRICE:   5/5


WM Gibson (Currently Waitlisted)

The OG –  $100 – “Freshman Sled”  

In every market there is an up and coming contender.  WM Gibson is a relatively new company getting into the Deal Sled market.  Back when we launched ads in February WM Gibson sold out within 2 weeks.  For a value sled these are unique. A new seam along the inner foot deviates the traditional sled design in a way that works very well with jeans or chinos.  Sole is well constructed and will last on city streets.  At $100 dollars there are few sled options that can compete.  Currently WM Gibson has a waitlist with new supply coming in the next few weeks.  I will admit that while I was a bit skeptical of a $100 sled, like the Sandros, I gave them a chance and they are pretty solid for casual wear.  These Look resemble the legendary Gucci 1953 but in a subtle more affordable way.  Highly recommend you guys check them out when they  are available towards mid December.  Haven’t had nearly as many inquiries about other ads we have run as we have for WM Gibson.

“I ain't never been nothin' but a underdog. And I ain't gonna never let a homie hold me under dog” - Drake

UTILITY:   8.0/10

DRIP:   8.0/10

PRICE:   2/5

“I ain't never been nothin' but a underdog. And I ain't gonna never let a homie hold me under dog” - Drake