Arbitrage Andy



The Tiger is the ultimate silent hunter.  We're all silent hunters of some kind. Be it for profit, purpose, or freedom. 

Arbitrage Andy is an original financial meme/media brand with large followings on InstagramTwitter, and Substack. After attending college and earning a degree in International Relations as well as a Master's degree, Andy headed to New York at 22 years of age.  Andy has 9+ years of Sales & Trading, Sales, and Financial Technology experience professionally, but he enjoys building, creating, and commentating on financial markets, crypto, and global news more.  With over 275,000 followers and subscribers across platforms, Andy has centered his brand around the rawness and reality of financial markets, capitalism, and the developing world. 

His newsletter on geopolitics, markets, and crypto is the #5 publication on Substack with 24,000 subscribers in 50 states and 165 countries globally.

His internet community includes bank CEOs, traders, bankers, salespeople, fin-tech folks, crypto pioneers, e-commerce savages, military veterans, professional athletes and a large group of international professionals. His brand has been featured in Business InsiderFinancial TimesDealbreaker, and HBO’s Industry. He has worked and consulted with numerous financial technology partners including GeminiIEXRound Investments, Hebbia AI, Odyssey, and many more.